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As more applications are built with microservices-based architectures, monolithic applications are giving way to composable sets of loosely coupled services, each of which requires a database that scales gracefully and runs well in the cloud, where most modern microservices are run.

YugabyteDB is a cloud-native, open source, transactional database designed to be a system of record for business critical applications that demand resilience, scalability, and global data distribution. A fully elastic and strongly consistent data fabric, YugabyteDB can span environments across multiple cloud providers and on-premises as well.

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Cloud-native data infrastructure has arrived. Years of research, development, and innovation have led to the proliferation of accessible, scalable databases, running on distributed machinery in the cloud. Further, new paradigms like real-time event streaming have taken root, enabling a new generation of modernized applications and services.

But among all this change and upheaval, the core needs of data-intensive organizations haven’t changed.

Teams don’t want to wait overnight for batch jobs to complete. Analysts want to use a declarative query language, and organizations demand interoperability with other standard protocols. Latency is key. …

Welcoming Mark Anderson, Shan Shan, Nnamdi Iregbulem, and Pete Steinle to the Firm.

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Pictured Left to Right: Mark Anderson, Shan Shan, Nnamdi Iregbulem, Pete Steinle.

For more than 20 years, Lightspeed has served the world’s most extraordinary people building tomorrow’s companies today. And as our firm has evolved, we’ve seen firsthand how the more diverse viewpoints and experience we can collectively bring to bear, the more additive we can be to the entrepreneurs and companies we serve.

Today, we’re proud to announce the addition of four new team members: Mark Anderson (Venture Partner), Shan Shan (Growth Partner), Nnamdi Iregbulem (Enterprise Partner), and Pete Steinle (Executive Talent Partner). More on these talented individuals, their backgrounds, and what they’re focused on at Lightspeed is below

Mark is…

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Bipul Sinha, David Wadhwani, John W. Thompson, Greg Schott (L to R) — Enterprise CEO Advisory Council.

David Wadhwani, John W. Thompson, Greg Schott, and Bipul Sinha join as founding members.

Lightspeed has a long history — twenty years to be exact — of working with high-ambition, visionary founders, and proven CEOs and operators who have experience in rapidly scaling companies and asserting market leadership.

Within this curated community, we’ve been able to help facilitate successful partnerships that range from advisory roles and board memberships to close mentorship and operating partnerships. The combination can often result in building “category winner” companies, and there are many examples of companies born out of the tight-knit Lightspeed enterprise community throughout the valley.

Today, we are formalizing what we are already doing around mentorship and…

Announcing Lightspeed’s Series E investment in ThoughtSpot

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The ThoughtSpot team in San Francisco.

Even in today’s data-centric world, it can take days or weeks on average for a manager to send a business query to a team of data analysts, who then perform analysis and send back answers. There are more than 1B knowledge workers compared to 1.5M data analysts able to use existing BI solutions.

This has created a huge bottleneck for decision-making. As consumers, we expect to be able to use Google, Uber, and Slack with the click of a few buttons and keystrokes. …

Announcing Lightspeed’s Series A investment in Confluera

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Confluera Founding Team from L to R: Bipul Sinha, Abhijit Ghosh, and Niloy Mukherjee

Ask a Fortune 5000 CEO today about their top priorities and invariably enterprise security will be a high number on any list. Over the past few years, the awareness of emerging threats to companies continues to rise with a seemingly increasing number of high-profile cyberattacks and data breaches affecting organizations globally. No company despite their size or industry is immune to these threats. Furthermore, with the powerful trend of cloud and mobility taking the enterprise by storm over the past several years, network perimeters are now more fluid and porous, creating new vulnerabilities across a much larger attack surface.


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“Who’s responsible for this?!”

This is the sad conclusion many organizations come to when a website or service goes down. They deduce that the issue was a person’s fault, instead of focusing on the root cause and identifying steps to systematically prevent such issues from happening again.

This is exactly the type of culture an aptly named Lightspeed portfolio company, Blameless, is changing.

Companies often struggle to find efficient ways of resolving incidents that affect services running in production. Delayed resolutions can have major impact on revenue and brand, and cost organizations in resources and time.

In an attempt to…

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Source: Aurora

Did you know that every minute, 2.4 people lose their lives on the world’s roads?

Or that 6 million individuals with a disability in the U.S. have difficulty accessing the transportation they need?

How about that the average driver spends 80 minutes each day commuting — the equivalent of 14 days a year?

Self-driving technology has the potential to be one of the most impactful technological shifts of our lifetime, alongside computing and the internet. …

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Bipul Sinha, CEO & Co-Founder of Rubrik, and Ravi Mhatre, Lightspeed Partner. July 2018 @ SFMOMA.

It’s been a big week for Lightspeed portfolio company Rubrik — $3.3B and growing in valuation…

Bipul and his team have delivered a transformative enterprise product in record time and we’re proud to have participated in the company’s latest Series E round of financing.

But we’re even prouder to have led their Series A back in 2015. As Bipul told TechCrunch this week, his goal from the beginning of the journey has been “to build a long-term, iconic company,” and it’s been nothing short of thrilling to partner with them on that journey.

I interviewed Bipul last summer at our…

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ShareChat’s Founders: Bhanu Pratap Singh, Farid Ahsan and Ankush Sachdeva

While most people are focused on China’s internet economy and the real and massive growth there, India has quietly gone through a similar revolution of its own.

Here’s why it’s worth paying attention to:

First, it’s one of the largest digital economies in the world. The launch of Jio, a low-cost 4G network, in 2016 was a huge inflection point. It brought hundreds of millions of people in India online for the first time. Last year, it reached a critical mass, with over 400 million internet users and it’s projected to double in the next few years.

Second, there are…

Ravi Mhatre

Investor and adviser to start-ups

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